YORK, Pa. - York International Corp. has announced that it will offer a new training class on York air-cooled chillers. Designed for service technicians, building owners, and chiller plant operators, the one-day course covers air-cooled screw and scroll chiller fundamentals, as well as topics related to micro-panel operation, refrigeration circuits, and troubleshooting.

"By attending this one-day training program, technicians will effectively learn how to troubleshoot York air-cooled chillers," said Kevin McHugh, manager of business development for the contractor segment. "The training hours they log will also help them maintain a high level of end-user satisfaction as they service York equipment."

This new training class will be offered monthly in Tampa, Fla.; Los Angeles; Cincinnati; Baltimore; Chicago; and Houston. The course will combine classroom and hands-on approaches to a variety of topics, including startup, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and service procedures.

Those interested in the air-cooled chiller training class should contact their local York office or call 800-861-1001. A list of offices and phone numbers is also available on York's Web site at www.york.com.

Publication date: 07/11/2005