MCCLEAN, VA — The satellite television media tour for North American Technician Excellence (NATE) has been scheduled for May 23, 2002. The program will broadcast from Chicago, IL, to a nationwide audience. NATE is expecting to reach the largest markets containing NATE-certified technicians.

The media event will feature Beverly DiJulio, host of the “Handy Ma’am” television series, and Pat Murphy, director of technical development for NATE. DiJulio and Murphy will answer air conditioning questions from reporters. The duo will also encourage consumers to seek NATE-certified technicians to service their hvac systems.

NATE will offer background footage and “live” interviews to various stations across the Unites States. Reporters will call in questions for Murphy and DiJulio, and then the information will appear as one- to three-minute local TV segments.

NATE has opted to pitch the concept to the 14 largest markets where NATE-certified technicians are employed. These markets include San Diego, CA; Jacksonville, FL; Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Baltimore, MD; New Jersey (served by New York and Philadelphia); New York, NY; Cincinnati, OH; Columbus, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX; Houston, TX; Richmond, VA; and Northern Virginia, as well as CNN and the national affiliates for CBS, ABC, NBC, and PBS.

Although the stations may pick up the information, the piece may not run for two to five days thereafter because of fast-breaking local news, or it may be shelved for future use. NATE says that local contractors have to be prepared and make consumers aware that they employ NATE-certified technicians.

The organization will also make stock footage of the media event available at a cost to contractors with NATE-certified technicians if they wish to use it for local cable access advertising/public information/infomercials. This footage will be available in June.

Publication date: 05/13/2002