Ordering parts through Heatcraft Refrigeration Products' InterLink Website is one-stop shopping for wholesalers and distributors.

ATLANTA - Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC (HRP) recently announced the addition of InterLink, a new commercial refrigeration replacement parts brand, to its portfolio.

InterLink replacement parts and accessories will be distributed through wholesalers and distributors. It will provide one source for ordering replacement parts for all four HRP brands including Bohn, Larkin, Climate Control, and Chandler. The parts will be designed to the same performance standards of HRP's commercial refrigeration equipment.

"InterLink is the newest name in parts from the most trusted name in commercial refrigeration," said Kevin Chunn, director of marketing for HRP.

"InterLink was developed to be the one source supplier of certified parts, accessories, and innovative electronic controls for all HRP brands of commercial refrigeration products,"

Chris Peel, HRP vice president of marketing and product development, said, "We are very excited to introduce the InterLink brand. InterLink gives us the opportunity to partner with our wholesaler customers and offer them a more comprehensive product solution to the industry, as well as provide innovative technologies for the installed base."

Ken Rothgeb, HRP vice president of sales and customer service, said, "Our goal is to provide our wholesaler customers with a broad selection of commercial refrigeration replacement parts at the best lead times in the industry."

Chunn explained how InterLink works. "Commercial refrigeration equipment requires proper care and maintenance in order to ensure years of continued high performance," he said.

"When original parts need to be replaced due to the normal wear and tear of constant use, there's no need to look any further than InterLink. InterLink provides customers with one source for replacement part needs.

"It is the HRP brand that offers a complete line of parts, accessories, and innovative electronic controls.

Backed by a dedicated support team, InterLink parts are available through authorized wholesalers and distributors across the United States and Canada."


The introduction of InterLink, although a direct benefit to wholesalers, also has trickle down benefits to HVAC distributors and contractors, too. "InterLink provides distributors with a comprehensive selection of products and innovative technologies for their customers' existing commercial refrigeration equipment," said Chunn. "All InterLink parts meet the same high performance standards as all HRP brands of commercial refrigeration products.

"InterLink is also backed by a dedicated team in order to serve its wholesaler and distributor customer base with the highest quality of customer service, as well as deliver at the best lead times in the industry."

Contractors benefit from high-quality parts and dependable service, too. "InterLink offers contractors easy access to the parts they need to get the job done right," said Chunn.

"Contractors are looking for a source of high-quality parts that will help them ensure smooth operation, machine longevity, and better overall performance for their customers' existing commercial refrigeration equipment. Regardless of the HRP brand or model of equipment, InterLink is the one source for replacement parts, accessories, and innovative electronic controls that their customers need - when they need it."

The flagship product for the new brand will be the Smart Defrost Kitâ„¢, coming soon for purchase.

For more information, visit HRP's Website at www.heatcraftrpd.com. For additional information on InterLink, visit www.interlinkparts.com.

Publication date: 08/21/2006