Ultraseal 970 is a nonflammable duct sealant, a hybrid of heavy-duty fibrous and easy-to-spread nonfibrous mastics. It is designed for indoor and outdoor use on all conventional high-, medium-, or low-pressure or high-velocity metal, fiberglass, and flexible heating and air conditioning duct systems. The water-based duct sealant has earned UL 723 Surface Burning Classification ratings of zero on both Smoke Development and Flame Spread. It is highly resistant to mold, mildew, water, extreme temperature changes, and aging, resistant to oil or grease, and mildly resistant to alkalis and acids. It can be applied by brush, caulking gun, trowel, or palm. The sealant has an application temperature range of 35° to 120°F, service temperature range of -40° to 250°, and a pressure rating 15 inches water column.

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