The OdorGuard® rigid cell filters offer extended-surface chemical filtration. They can be used for pharmaceutical, microelectronic, and clean room applications, as well as traditional HVAC installations. These self-supporting box filters are available utilizing granular activated carbon or a 50/50 blend of carbon and activated alumina impregnated with 5 percent potassium permanganate. This blend of adsorbents will remove a wide range of odors, VOCs, and light gases, including ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur dioxide. The OdorGuard 12-inch-deep pleated filters provide 7 pounds of GAC or 8.6 pounds of 50/50 adsorbent blend in a 24- by 24- by 12-inch size. Galvanized steel frames resist corrosion in moist, humid conditions. They are available with or without a header and in either standard HVAC or custom sizes.

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