Refrigerant Management Canada (RMC) has been working with Mike Kwiecien and Alek Hage of Conestoga-Rovers & Associates (CRA) to develop a refrigerant tracking database providing RMC and the Collection Service Providers (CSP) with a tool that should ensure accuracy, enhance the tracking process, and improve accountability. The database will also provide statistical data that will allow RMC to develop more accurate forecasts for budgeting and operational needs. The main structure of the database has been developed and it has undergone extensive beta testing. The CSP were trained on the database early in March and are now conducting their portion of the beta testing. Once these tests are complete, RMC will make final modifications and conduct one final test.

The goal was to have the database online in late 2005; however, it became evident that creating a comprehensive database that can track refrigerant, generate invoices, and provide comprehensive statistical data, is complex and requires more time than originally expected. The completed database is anticipated to be available by early April 2006.

Publication date: 03/20/2006