The company said it has redesigned its Model 5000 electronic air cleaner based on contractor feedback. The unit includes features that help with installation and maintenance, and reduce callbacks. New top and bottom latches help ensure proper door installation. Inlet/outlet size is the same as the Model 2400 media air cleaner, allowing for fewer transitions and added convenience. A new filtering indicator light assures homeowners that the unit is working and helps reduce unnecessary contractor callbacks.

eProduct #151


The company's line of commercial and light industrial makeup air equipment includes cooling, ventilation, and heating units modularly designed to allow customers the flexibility to mix and match specific components, thus custom designing their system to meet their building's requirements. According to the company, this helps the customer avoid the high cost of custom design engineering. The line features ventilation; evaporative and mechanical cooling; and direct- and indirect-gas-fired, electric, and hydronic units.

eProduct #152


The Intelliswitchâ„¢ microprocessor remote, available on the MaxAir Series air curtain, controls the many features that come standard with this unit. The MaxAir is a low-profile air curtain in lengths ranging from 24 to 120 inches. It can be wall-mounted or ceiling-suspended. When paired with the Intelliswitch, in-stallation of the MaxAir is easier and less expensive than other similar air curtains, the company said. Heat is available in electric, steam, or hot water. The Intelliswitch includes 10 fan speeds with three modes of operation (on, off, and auto), lockable controls, time-delay relay, start-stop time with LED display, low-voltage control circuit, and internal/external thermostat.

eProduct #153


"Years of research and development have produced the Powerfoilâ„¢ from Big Ass Fans," the company said. This virtually silent, quality-engineered fan moves more air than any fan on the market, said the company, and costs less to operate than a 60-W light bulb. Big Ass Fans, available in 8- to 24-foot diameters, can be powder coated to match or complement an existing facility.

eProduct #154


The AFK flange fan offers maximum performance in minimal installation space, the company said. This compact-yet-powerful fan is available in diameters from 12 to 42 inches, with capacities to 34,000 cfm. An ideal condenser fan, the AFK has an adjustable-pitch impeller for performance matching. A fully reversible, double-flange design allows for duct mounting and provides strength. Fan blades are available in either pressure-cast aluminum or glass-reinforced polypropylene (GRP). A computerized fan selection program is available, as are custom designs.

eProduct #155


ACmaxx fans can be used from 85 to 265 V, 50 and 60 Hz for worldwide voltages. With up to 75 percent lower power consumption, the ACmaxx allows for cost savings of at least 50 percent over standard fans, according to the company. ACmaxx fans have integrated intelligence for flexibility in various applications. They feature higher volume flow, optional variable-speed control, failure detection, and speed and function monitoring. A broad range of these fans will be available for use in the industrial sector in switch cabinets, filter fans, welding machines, refrigerated shelves and counters, and for ventilation and air conditioning systems.

eProduct #156


CK Series circular inline duct fans include 12 models in six duct diameters from 4 to 12 inches. The fans feature prewired, factory-installed electrical cords for installation. Their performance levels range from 120 to 1,000 cfm, depending on the model. The fans feature external rotor motors with auto reset, and automatic thermal overload protection. Fan speed can be varied with optional speed controls. Several fans can be operated by a single control. Approved for use in damp and humid environments, the fans have a limited 10-year warranty. These inline fans are designed for high-static-pressure applications. They are manufactured from corrosion-resistant, heavy-gauge galvanized steel and feature a baked epoxy coating.

eProduct #157


The new Compact Series (SH704, VH704, and SE704N) HRVs and ERVs offer simple designs, simple installation, and 70 cfm of air movement. It conforms to new code requirements and can be used in apartment complexes, condos, mobile homes, or wherever continuous low-level ventilation is needed, the company said. A wall bracket is included for easy installation. The HRVs feature aluminum cores with lifetime warranties. The ERVs have an enthalpic core with a five-year warranty. HRVs are available in side- or top-port models with reliable defrost strategy. All models weigh 22 pounds.

eProduct #158


The new Model SAF roof-mounted supply air fan is designed to provide nontempered filtered makeup air. Model SAF features a double-width, forward-curved centrifugal wheel that results in high efficiency and low sound levels, the company said. The model is available in five sizes and can be specified with performance ranges from 725 to 14,000 cfm with up to 3.5 inches wg of static pressure. It's AMCA-certified for sound and air performance and UL/cUL 705-listed for electrical safety, featuring rubber in-shear true vibration isolation, standard lifting lugs, galvanized steel housing, 1-inch washable aluminum filters, predrilled mounting holes, and a standard NEMA-1 disconnect. The model's removable cover allows for accessibility of all components. The catalog includes detailed performance and dimensional data, typical specs, standard construction features, and options and accessories information.

eProduct #159


The Fresh Air ventilation system works with existing heating-cooling systems. The affordable and effective ventilation control calculates the amount of fresh air needed for the home based on simple settings, like number of rooms and home square footage, the company said. It then works with the heating-cooling equipment to bring in the correct amount of fresh air and circulate it throughout the home. Its "set it and forget it" program offers optimal ventilation without having to change settings or make adjustments. It meets American Lung Association Health House® guidelines. No wall control required in the living space. The unit comes with a five-year warranty.

eProduct #160


MERV 7 filters are standard on all premium S-Class and L Series rooftop units. High-efficiency MERV-11 filters and dirty-filter switches are available on these units. Healthy Climate® UV lights help reduce the concentration of microorganisms such as mold, bacteria, and fungi on coils, the company said. To improve comfort and air quality while reducing energy usage, conditioned air can be recycled using energy recovery wheels to precondition fresh outdoor air before it enters the building. This is achieved with integral energy recovery wheels (ERW) that are factory-installed options in S-Class 35- to 50-ton rooftop units. Energy recovery systems combine an ERW with fans and attach to a rooftop unit, or an energy recovery ventilator combines an ERW with fans as a stand-alone unit.

eProduct #161


The Lifebreath bathroom exhaust system can ventilate specific rooms in the home, eliminating the traditional noisy, inefficient exhaust-only bath fan. The Bathroom Exhaust System, along with the Lifebreath Clean Air furnace, creates the ultimate ventilation package, the company said. This equipment quietly and economically replaces stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air as a result of the Clean Air furnace's integrated heat recovery core. Lifebreath Clean Air furnace combines the fresh air benefits of the heat recovery ventilator with the comfort and efficiency of the water heater/air handler. The combination heating system provides constant ventilation and a steady stream of warm air. The system efficiency is 90 percent.

eProduct #162


The Axijet-HTS high plume dilution exhaust system is used to dilute and boost the exhaust from diesel EPS systems, to minimize re-entrainment of the diesel fumes and odors through building supply air intakes. It features belt-drive, high-temperature construction, and includes venturi stack design for economical secondary air induction.

eProduct #163


Panasonic WhisperLite advanced ventilation fans are quiet, energy-efficient, long-life fan/light combinations designed for longer run times or continuous operation for better indoor air quality, the company said. WhisperLite ventilation fans use two Panasonic Quick Start (flicker-free) 13-W compact fluorescent lamps for warm color-corrected lighting. The fans are Energy Star®-approved and HVI-certified. Installation is easy, the company said.

eProduct #164


Two ERV models, HE1XINV and HE1XINH, include the following upgrades in design: Pull-through blowers so MERV 8-rated filters protect both the ERV core and the blowers; improved internal aerodynamic design, increasing HE1XH airflow to match HE1XV and lowering power consumption; easy-access split doors; an upgraded collar design with flex duct retention rib; and an internal electrical box that accepts options like second contactor or 24-VAC transformer. HE1XIN models are available with a 277-V, single-phase option in addition to single- and three-phase multi-voltage models. The 277-V option is also available for energy recovery unit models EV450 and HE2X (with capacity up to 1,800 cfm). The VAV and fan coil market has routinely utilized 277 V as a power option for air handlers installed above suspended ceilings. Now RenewAire ERVs can be incorporated into the same circuitry to provide preconditioned temperature and humidity, with the same distributed design principles used for a wide variety of terminal units or fan coils, the company said.

eProduct #165


The new FE 2 Owlet fan borrows scientific insights from nature and combines them with scientific aero-acoustics knowledge, the company said. Novel blade geometry is the result. Owls served as the model because this bird makes the least amount of noise in flight. The new patent-pending fan blades are being used in the FE 2 Owlet product innovation for the first time. The aerodynamic characteristics are markedly improved, the company said. In initial practical tests, the FE 2 Owlet attained better efficiency and noise emission values than its predecessor models, according to the company.

eProduct #166

Publication date: 04/24/2006