APPLE VALLEY, Minn. - Uponor Wirsbo announced that its parent company, Uponor, has officially launched its new branding initiative worldwide. The primary change the industry will first notice is that Uponor is consolidating all of its businesses worldwide under one company name and one brand: Uponor. The Uponor Wirsbo name is now officially Uponor. Throughout the coming year, the Wirsbo name will transition to Uponor in nearly all its marketing materials and product labeling.

One of the exceptions is that the company will retain Wirsbo as a trade name with its line of crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing products. The name Wirsbo will continue to be printed on its tubing, specifically Uponor Wirsbo hePEX™ plus barrier tubing for radiant floor heating systems, and Uponor Wirsbo AquaPEX® nonbarrier tubing for plumbing and residential fire sprinkler systems.

"Unifying the company under one name is the logical extension of Uponor's evolution," said Jim Bjork, executive vice president, Uponor North America. "At the same time, we feel it's important that, as we build the Uponor brand, everyone associated with it still feels special." Recognizing that it will take time for people who are so familiar with the Wirsbo name to transition over to Uponor, the company has developed a branding communication plan to educate the industry and consumers about the name change. Additionally, they have prepared a branding support package to help its customers transition from Wirsbo to Uponor.

"Aside from our marketing and brand-building initiatives, we will continue doing business as we always have - just under a new name," said Bjork. "Our foundation of great people, great products and great service remains unchanged. Our intent is to leverage the collective resources of Uponor to make an even stronger business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. And a stronger Uponor will be good not only for us, but also for all our customers."

Publication date: 03/13/2006