PHOENIX - Aerotech P&K recently donated over 700 units of its 10 Minute Mold Testâ„¢ to The Center for School Mold Help, a non-profit school aid organization based in California.

Aerotech P&K has recognized that there is a growing concern for unhealthy school environments. The donation is intended to help The Center for School Mold Help to further its mission to "Provide advocacy and comprehensive, up-to-date public education, services, research, and resources focusing on school mold prevention and solutions."

"We deeply appreciate this donation," said the center's founder and executive director, Susan Brinchman. "We will encourage those concerned about school mold to use these invaluable aids."

According to the manufacturer, the 10 Minute Mold Test ( is "a rapid, biochemical mold test used to confirm the presence of mold on building surfaces."

"We acknowledge that many school districts around the country do not have funds budgeted to address water damage and mold issues," said Aerotech P&K general manager David Fetveit. "This test can readily be used to confirm if mold is indeed present."

More information about The Center for School Mold Help can be found by calling 619-463-0249, or visiting To find out more about the 10 Minute Mold Test, go to

Publication date: 05/01/2006