NORTHVALE, N.J. - AERCO International Inc. has increased its customers' equipment maintenance options with the opening of a brand-new remanufacture center at the company's headquarters. The center will offer remanufactured parts and components for its indirect- and gas-fired boilers and water heaters to extend the life span of the company's high-efficiency equipment.

"Because the heat exchangers in AERCO boilers and water heaters have proved to have such a long life span, they often outlast some ancillary components," said Fred W. Deputy, president of the company.

"Over time, we've continued to improve the designs of these components to improve their life and performance profile," he continued. "Rather than repair an older component, or buy a brand-new part at full price, our remanufacture program offers customers the best of both worlds - the latest engineering designs at less than full price."

Following the introduction of a new C-More controller for its gas-fired equipment, the company entered into an agreement with ACME Controls to offer factory-authorized replacements for older model controllers. AERCO will also continue to offer straightforward return/repair services at its Northvale facility.

Publication date: 05/16/2005