The Motorola i325 IS handset is a phone that provides off-network communications capabilities. The handset offers Direct TalkSM, which allows users who are outside of a Nextel coverage area to transfer manually to a two-way radio-to-radio communication mode, with a range up to 6 miles, depending on the specific conditions, such as terrain. According to the company, this handset is approved for use where flammable gases or vapors may exist. The unit meets military specifications (810 F tests) for resistance to blowing rain, dust, shock, high and low temperatures and pressures, solar radiation, humidity, and salt fog. Features include a rubber overmold, sealed bottom connector cover to protect from liquid or dust damage, and a fixed antenna.

Nextel Communications Inc., 2001 Edmund Halley Dr., Reston, VA 20191; 703-433-4000;

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