ORLANDO, Fla. - Bristol is introducing the H21J, its next generation Benchmark reciprocating compressor. According to the company, the new Benchmark H21J Recip requires no starting components, improves reliability, and provides a strong boost in SEER performance.

"A hard-start kit is now completely unnecessary," says Scott Hix, vice president of product engineering. He points out several advantages that this brings. "Anytime you take away the need for extra parts, you save money for the manufacturer and you reduce the number of parts that might break down in the field. But the most amazing change is the improvement in our efficiency. With the improved compressor efficiencies, Benchmark can add an entire half point to system SEER ratings, allowing manufacturers to offer more cost-effective solutions to the new 13 SEER market."

The H21J is specifically designed to optimize the performance of air conditioning systems rated 13 SEER and above. And, the company says, the new compressor is noticeably quieter than competitive units in system sound testing - by 1.5 dBA.