Taco president John White Jr. talks about the changing business environment and Taco philosophies.
ORLANDO, Fla. - John White Jr. took a moment to thank attendees at his company's press conference at the 2005 AHR Expo for their media support. The president of Taco Hydronic Systems, Cranston, R.I, joked, "When I started these press conferences there were 10 of us and three of you!"

White said he was amazed by the secrecy that HVACR companies harbor - believing that it is best for him to open up his company to employees and to the world. "We want to make Taco the easiest company to do business with," he added.

White listed four philosophies that he believes Taco strives to live up to: profitability and stability for 1) employees, 2) suppliers, 3) customers, and 4) the community. At the end of the summation, he added a fifth philosophy. "We are totally focused on moving into the green movement," White said.

The audience was also given a demonstration of Taco's "Design Suite" - a systems analysis tool. Design Suite was developed to help engineers select hydronic systems with the lowest operating costs, based on monthly figures.

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