Tempstar said its filters can help remove irritants such as dust, smoke, dirt, pollen, viruses, spores, and bacteria — even mold.
The Newsasked several manufacturers to point out some of their product offerings which are designed to provide a healthy indoor environment for homeowners. This short summary is certainly not all inclusive. It is recommended that contractors contact their local dealer/distributor and get up to speed on what is available.

York UPG: With its Total Comfort Systems®, York maintains its line of IAQ products can address a variety of indoor air issues, including mold, dust, and pollen, while reducing energy loss. Its ventilation systems, which include a choice of air-to-air exchangers, are designed to provide "whisper-quiet ventilation with minimal maintenance," said Matt Peterson, vice president-sales and marketing, York Unitary Products Group (UPG). The company also offers heat recovery ventilators (designed for cooler climates) and energy recovery ventilators (for warmer climates), ultraviolet (UV) air treatment systems, and whole-house humidifiers.

Looking from an outdoor component perspective, Peterson noted that "quieter operation and superior comfort" have been designed into the latest generation of York Affinityâ„¢, Luxaire Acclimateâ„¢, and Coleman Echelonâ„¢ residential heating and cooling systems. For example, the Affinity 8T heat pump, when matched with a variable-speed furnace or air handler, can achieve up to 18 SEER, he said. Peterson also noted some advanced furnace technology. York Affinity furnaces include the variable-speed V Series, two-stage T Series, and single-stage S Series models.

Carrier: The company said it addresses IAQ concerns through its Infinity Series indoor air quality systems. This system includes UV lights mounted inside the system, near the indoor cooling coil.

"Carrier's UV lights work to clean air conditioning coils and prevent the build-up of pollutants such as dust, dirt, and mold," stated Jim Moore, Carrier senior product manager, IAQ.

In addition to germicidal UV lighting, Carrier offers a high-efficiency air filtration system, using EZ Flex air filters, de-signed to capture particles 0.01 to 100 microns. "The Infinity Control's TrueSense dirty filter detection informs you when it is time to change your filter, keeping your system running at its highest efficiency level," remarked Mike Branson, Carrier manager systems products.

Carrier also offers energy and heat recovery ventilators, plus a line of humidifiers. "With Carrier's IdealHumidity, up to 30 times more moisture can be re-moved as compared to a standard air conditioning system," stated Branson.

Contractors can also offer a homeowner the ability to control their HVAC system at the touch of a button, for example, with Carrier's new-generation Infinity system. Infinity offers a programmable digital control.

Using Infinity's zoning features, contractors can sell customized comfort, said Branson. Up to eight different zone settings can be managed by the system.

Tempstar: Contractors can now sell customers a complete Tempstar system - including IAQ accessories and thermostats - all under the Tempstar name and covered by the same five-year parts limited warranty. Tempstar IAQ products and thermostats can be integrated with a Tempstar heating and cooling system. Tempstar system accessories include air cleaners, humidifiers, thermostats, and UV lights.

Heil: Heil recently added UV lights to its lineup. A Heil UV light uses germicidal UVC energy, designed to help eradicate both surface and airborne mold in residential systems.

Publication date: 06/27/2005