Despite less than ideal weather and economic conditions, 2004 was a good year for many HVACR contractors, and it was a great year for the "elite eight" who were selected as winners inThe News'2004 "Best Contractor To Work For" contest. The list of winners stretches from Seattle to Charlotte, N.C. - and for the first time includes a Canadian contractor. The criteria for winning included creating and maintaining a nurturing environment for employees, providing opportunities for growth and ongoing training, and recognizing and rewarding achievement.

This year's winners include a contractor who hired an employee a few months after the contractor took in the employee's family following a destructive flood, a contractor who began his entrepreneurial career as a 14-year-old window washer, and a contractor who sponsors a once-a-month breakfast cookout for employees. Workers at one winning company built a wall with bricks bearing the name of each employee to honor the owners.

The regional winners in the 2004 "Best Contractor To Work For" contest are: Atmostemp LLC Service Experts, East Berlin, N.J.; Calvert-Jones Co. Inc., Alexandria, Va.; Morris-Jenkins Co., Charlotte, N.C.; Pat's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., Oconomowoc, Wis.; Comfort Tech Service Now!, Del Rio, Texas; MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions, Seattle; Gallagher's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., Los Molinos, Calif.; and Bradley Mechanical Services, Mississauga, Ontario.

There are vast differences in the sizes of these companies and the markets they serve, but there is at least one common thread - the owners and managers at these companies realize the importance of their employees, and they know what it takes to keep them happy and productive.

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    Publication date: 02/07/2005