DALLAS — EnerShop, a subsidiary of Central and South West Corp., and Carrier Corp., Syracuse, N.Y., have entered into a marketing alliance to offer energy information and advisory services, called EnerACTSM, to Carrier’s national account customers.

A combination of new technology and analytic services, EnerACT is said to allow facility owners to better understand how their facilities use energy, and helps them make decisions regarding energy systems improvements.

At the heart of the system is a centralized command center located at EnerShop headquarters in Dallas. Interfacing with either the existing utility meter or specially designed submetering equipment, the system collects, via the Internet, electricity, gas, water, steam, compressed air, temperature, and other facility use information, which is then analyzed and benchmarked by EnerShop’s energy engineers, who provide ongoing advice on overall operations and potential savings opportunities.

EnerACT provides two-way communications with most facility energy management systems, including Carrier’s ComfortWorks™ system, providing a common platform for optimizing operations.

According to David Pickles, EnerShop’s vice president of marketing and development, “Carrier has excellent relationships with many of the customers who will find EnerACT most attractive, and we believe they will see a real synergy between the equipment, controls and services Carrier provides and the information and advice EnerACT generates.”

“We selected EnerACT based on its demonstrated ability to collect energy information and provide quantifiable energy savings advice to lower cost and prepare for utility deregulation,” said Terry Hampton, vice president of national and strategic accounts for Carrier.

“Positive customer feedback was another important factor in our decision.”

EnerShop is an energy service company and provider of energy information services to more than 40 million sq ft of retail, lodging, and office buildings nationwide. Central and South West Corp. is a Dallas-based public utility holding company that owns four U.S. electric utility subsidiaries with 1.7 million customers, a regional electricity company serving 2 million customers in the United Kingdom, and nonutility subsidiaries involved in energy-related investments, as well as subsidiaries that offer telecommunications, energy efficiency and financial transactions.