A new, germicidal UV light source that is said to improve IAQ, keep coils and drain pans clean, and reduce musty odors in residential and light commercial air conditioning systems has been introduced by Airguard.

The “Bio-Aire UV” air purification system combines a patented power supply and application technique to improve the output of UV light (C band) for residential applications.

The system is designed to kill surface mold and bacteria growing in a/c units and circulating microbes, in order to eliminate the major contributors to most allergies and airborne-transmitted diseases.

UV light is directed to the coils and drain pan, cleaning them and removing odors while improving heat transfer efficiency. These are dual-tube units designed for use with traditional A-style coils and slabs or slant coils (vertical or horizontal) in up to 5-ton air-handling units.

Four models with 20- or 24-in.-long tubes on 10- or 14-in. centers fit most new or existing systems, to provide the greatest amount of light using little more energy than a 40-W light bulb, the company says, adding that the system can be installed from the exterior of the coil box in 15 min or less.

For further information, contact Airguard, P.O. Box 32578, Louisville, Ky. 40232; 502-969-2304; 502-966-0074 (fax); www.airguard.com (website); mailbag@airguard.com (e-mail).