TORINO, Italy - Tecumseh, like many major consumer companies that often display their environmentally progressive products at Olympic venues, will be showcasing its new generation of CO2 (R-744 designated) capable compressors at the upcoming Olympics.

"Global consumers of refrigeration technology, like the major beverage and food service companies, are keen to be green," said Bill Merritt, global vice president for Commercial Refrigeration. "Tecumseh led the industry with R-134A and earned one of the earliest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awards for stratospheric ozone protection. We followed that effort up by introducing HC (R-290 designated) technology at the 2002 summer games in Athens, and we're proud to be at the 2006 winter games as one of the first manufacturers with field proven CO2 technology."

While HCFC and HFC class refrigerants do not achieve zero ozone depletion, CO2 meets the need for non-chlorine, non-fluorine bearing fluids.

Publication date: 02/06/2006