When paired with a 12-SEER York® Affinity™, Luxaire® Acclimate™, or Coleman® AC3B heat pump, the reverse cycle chiller from Aqua Products Co. Inc. improves the efficiency of the heat pump by 15 percent. The combined heat pump and chiller, or Simple Comfort Heat Pump (SCHP), are designed as an air-source heat pump, using two insulated pipes to deliver water in a closed loop for hydronic heating or chilled-water cooling. The system uses air-to-water-to-air heat transfer. The SCHP can be used in zoning applications. It does not require digging a geothermal well for use as a heat source. A vented polyvinyl tank offers capacity control to protect the system during times of low output or defrost and prevent short-cycling in the summer. Its modular design allows for multiple modules to be utilized for staging, redundancy, and load sharing for facilities from 1,500 to 30,000 square feet. The chillers are available in 1- to 5-ton capacities, in air-cooled models for indoor installation or with a remote outdoor condensing unit.

York UPG, Attn: Renae Turnaugh, Source 1 Marketing Manager, 5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069; www.source1parts.com

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