LOVELAND, Colo. - Each year the Radiant Panel Association conducts a survey of major suppliers of radiant heating systems in North America. Information is collected concerning both hydronic radiant tubing and electric radiant element sales for the prior year.

The results indicate that 2004 was a bumper year with a 37.4-percent increase in hydronic radiant tubing sales. Better supplier participation in the electric segment of the survey provided more accurate data for that market, reporting sales at 214 percent above last year's estimates.

A total of 265.5 million lineal feet of tubing sales in North America were reported and an additional 66 million lineal feet were estimated, making the total hydronic radiant tubing sold in 2004 in excess of 331 million. This represents a growth of 90 million lineal feet over that sold in 2003.

Half-inch tubing continues to dominate the market with a 70.5 percent share of all tubing sold. Five-eighths-inch tubing is second at 10.8 percent, with three-eights close behind at 9.6 percent. Three-quarters-inch tubing at 7.8 percent and 1-inch at 1.3 percent represent primarily commercial and snow melting installations, although there are a considerable number of commercial and snow melt applications that also use half-inch tubing.

Publication date: 05/23/2005