SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Great Lakes Heating and Air Conditioning of South Bend recently donated labor and materials needed to install a new air conditioner at Poverello Farms in Michiana, Ind.

Poverello Farms serves as a refuge for neglected and abused children. For the past several years the facility has not had air conditioning. But the recent heat wave has posed a problem for the children.

"It's not possible to get a used model these days, so what Great Lakes decided to do, which is really grateful, is give us a very big discount," a spokesperson for Poverello Farms told local television station WNDU. "I myself am contributing up to $500 for that and I am seeking more. I need eight more people to donate $100."

In addition to the new air conditioner, Poverello Farms also hopes to acquire additional land to expand and add on to the farm.

Publication date: 07/04/2005