A new series of GBC ball valves have a slim-line design, made strong and light by laser welding, and offer bidirectional flow with minimum pressure drop, the company says. A Teflon® seat provides tightness in the closed position. The valves have a working pressure of 650 psig (test pressure 940 psig). The valve is helium leak tested. A quarter turn of the direction-indicating burst-proof spindle moves the valve from fully open to fully closed. Threaded machine screw holes are provided opposite the spindle so that the valves can be panel mounted if desired. Twelve sizes are available, from 1/4 to 3-1/8 inches. All are available with an access port.

Danfoss Inc., Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Division, 7941 Corporate Dr., Baltimore, MD 21236-4925; 410-931-8250; 410-931-8256 (fax); www.acr.danfoss.com

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