Seven new industrial-size models of the ScaleBlasterâ„¢ line of electronic descalers are now available. All the descalers can be used for descaling wide-diameter water pipes and all downstream surfaces, such as those on valves, pumps, evaporators, chillers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, and boilers. The descalers handle 12- to 40-inch-diameter nonsteel pipe and 4- to 26-inch-diameter steel pipe. The unit's microprocessor sends out a square-wave current that moves back and forth along a select range of frequencies. The fluctuating current is carried by signal coils that wrap multiple times around the outside of an incoming water pipeline, inducing an electrical field perpendicular to its internal water stream. Agitation created by this field causes calcium carbonates to lose their adhesive, scale-forming properties, says the company. As a result, new scale does not form and existing scale wears away, the manufacturer states.

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