WASHINGTON - Aggreko, supplier of temporary power and temperature control systems, provided a 16-megawatt temporary power and electric heating package for the 55th Inauguration Day ceremonies in Washington.

For the official ceremony, Aggreko's equipment powered the massive inaugural stage, the support tents, and trailers for officials, production crews, and security personnel. Aggreko's network of service centers in the Northeast United States provided 50 Aggreko TwinPack and GHP2 ultra-quiet generators that produced enough electricity to power 25,000 homes; flame-free electric heaters for the inaugural stage and several large tents for dignitaries and security checkpoints; 40 miles of electrical cable; and more than 1,400 individual 20-amp, 120-volt electric receptacles for television and lighting equipment that was installed by a crew of 20 Aggreko technicians during a seven-day period.

"The logistical demands of an event of this magnitude are awesome," said Gary Meador, North America events manager with Aggreko Event Services. "Ensuring security for hundreds of thousands of people, providing power to hundreds of television crews, and numerous other critical needs would be impossible to meet without high volumes of reliable temporary power."

Aggreko also powered the numerous celebrations surrounding the inauguration, including the traditional parade following the ceremony and the nine official balls that were attended by President Bush. Media centers built along the parade route, public entertainment stages, military command stations, and security checkpoints all relied on Aggreko equipment.

Publication date: 02/14/2005