The 8100/8111 are circulator-flange ball valves for hydronic heating systems. These two-piece, brass-body, full-port valves are designed with free-floating flanges for alignment with circulator pump flanges, to simplify installation. The 8100 is the threaded-end valve and the 8111 is the soldered-end valve. This series combines a flange with a ball valve to simplify isolation of circulator pumps for quick testing, repairs, or replacement, without the need to drain the entire system. The free-floating feature eliminates the need to align the flange bolt holes when installing into hydronic systems. Features include heavy brass patterns for the body and tailpiece, chrome-plated ball and PTFE packing and seats for high-temperature applications. The 8100/8111 come complete with a blowout-proof stem and adjustable stem gland.

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