DES MOINES, Iowa - Debora Wendell has been named executive recruiter for findMEP, a division of e-staffing solutions company MECHdata Inc. Her responsibilities include sourcing and recruiting job candidates, screening resumes, and conducting preliminary interviews for client companies across the country. In addition, she will put into operation the findMEP ScreenPack System, developed to help identify and more closely match the best candidates to each employment opportunity.

"The ScreenPack System is designed to greatly reduce the time human resources staff and hiring managers spend reviewing resumes and making screening calls to potential hires," said Steven Spain, chief operating officer of MECHdata. "In fact, through the use of specially formatted job descriptions, we can identify the best candidates - and then call them to confirm their qualifications and interest level. We then generate a Candidate Screen form for as many as 15 of the top candidates, and send those - along with a Summary Report - to the client company for immediate action."

Wendell brings more than eight years of experience in recruiting, sales and marketing, customer service, and management to her new position. Her background includes working in a variety of industries, including construction specialties. She is a graduate of National-Louis University in Wheaton, Ill.

Publication date: 08/16/2004