FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany - Integrating air-conditioning and ventilation systems with modern architecture is one focus of the next ISH - International Trade Fair for Building and Energy Technology in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, March 15-19, 2005.

One area of technology taking center stage at the show will be radiant systems. A variety of radiant systems will be presented during a seminar titled "Architecture and Air Conditioning Technology." Attendees will learn about radiant room cooling systems, including ceiling-mounted systems that use various materials and components, such as ceiling and wall convectors, cooling vanes, and concrete-core activation linked directly to the building.

Large-area systems also will be introduced. Such systems include radiant panels for the ceiling and various types of building-component activation. Concentrated systems include ceiling-mounted cooling convectors, which are used in commercial and industrial premises, which can be used for zone control.

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Publication date: 10/11/2004