The ThermaViewer Model TDVD-02 accepts inputs from one or two remote sensors up to 100 feet away. The sensors have total ranges of -40 degrees to 85 degrees C (-40 to 185 degrees F) and 0-percent to 100-percent relative humidity. The onboard memory stores up to 160,000 date- and time-stamped measurements. With 10-minute samples, the logger stores 10 months of data. A port is provided for backing up the data to a PC, providing graphical display of real-time or stored data. An onboard relay for out-of-tolerance conditions may be set in the logger to trigger an alert, such as an alarm, bell, whistle, or dialer. According to the manufacturer, the ThermaViewer solves paper, ink, records storage, and accuracy problems associated with strip chart recorders.

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