CHICAGO - Sanyo HVAC is announcing its newly re-engineered line of HVAC products, upgrading for 2006 and the 13 SEER mandate. New features include Inverter Control and the use of R-410A refrigerant in a new design. The line-up consists of 50 new models.

Inverter Control is designed to raise customer satisfaction by providing energy saving, quiet operation, says the company. The Inverter Control provides rapid cooling and heating with the time to reach the desired temperature quicker than traditional systems. Once reaching the desired temperature, the Inverter Control unit maintains a more constant temperature, with considerably less fluctuation than a conventional unit. All models in the new line are equipped with Inverter Control.

According to Tom Crock, national sales manager for Sanyo, "In many ways the HVAC system has assumed an important role in the comfort of the consumer, whether residential or commercial. We're making some of our most advanced features and technologies available in models throughout our new line. The abundance of advanced technologies, including Inverter Control, means that more of our customers will now be able to experience the energy saving benefits and quiet operation they deserve."

All models are also housed in a new design, which is smaller and lighter than previous models.