ST. LOUIS - Emerson Climate Technologies (ECT) recently awarded its top-performing authorized Copeland wholesalers for outstanding sales performance in 2005, presented during the company's annual National Wholesaler Conference, held in Palm Springs, Calif. Tom Bettcher, ECT business group leader, and Ed Purvis, vice president of ECT refrigeration, presented the awards to this year's winners.

To qualify for the Peak Performance Award, wholesalers had to fulfill the following three criteria: double-digit sales growth in overall purchases; double-digit sales growth within focused product categories; and a successfully implemented company-wide marketing plan for the year.

The wholesalers receiving the Peak Performance Award are: Barsco; C.C. Dickson Co.; Cleveland Hermetic Supply; G.W. Berkheimer Co. Inc.; Illco Inc.; Johnstone Supply, Atlanta; Johnstone Supply, Knoxville, Tenn.; Key Refrigeration Supply; Midwest Refrigeration Supply Co.; Refrigeration Sales Corp.; Rogers Supply Co.; Tropic Supply; United Refrigeration Inc.; and Young Supply Co.

The SystemPro Award is given to the wholesalers who sell the highest volume of Copeland® hermetic refrigeration condensing units per branch. This year's winners are: Midwest Refrigeration Supply Co.; Progress Supply Inc.; and United Refrigeration Inc.

In the top photo, Peak Performance Award winners are (back row, from left) Mark Gibson, Richard Cramer (Johnstone Supply, Knoxville), John Fenlon (Midwest Refrigeration Supply Co.), David Meyer (Johnstone Supply, Atlanta), Brian Porter (GW Berkheimer), Jay Glass (Illco Inc.) In the middle row are Tom Bettcher, Charles DelVecchio (Tropic Supply), Mark Chavez (Key Refrigeration Supply), Jack DeMao (C.C. Dickson Co.), Warren Farr (Refrigeration Sales Corp.). In the front row are Ed Kleiss (Rogers Supply Co.), Ron Vallan (Young Supply Co.), David Jones (BARSCO), Chris Bock (United Refrigeration Inc.), Lorie Broyles (Cleveland Hermetic Supply Inc.), Ed Purvis.

In the bottom photo are from left to right, Tom Bettcher; System Pro Award winners Phil Faessler (Progress Supply Inc.), John Fenlon (Midwest Refrigeration Supply Co.), and Chris Bock (United Refrigeration Inc.); Mark Gibson and Ed Purvis.

Publication date: 11/28/2005