Each model of the 2100 Series flow-through humidifiers is equipped with a Compustatâ„¢ automatic humidifier control. The Compustat automatically adjusts humidifier output to compensate for changes in the outdoor temperature. It helps prevent overhumidification in the event of a sudden outside temperature drop. Models in the 2100 Series include the 2100, 2101, and 2102. Model 2100 is a bypass flow-through type with an output capacity of 14 gallons per day. Model 2101, a bypass flow-through humidifier, has an output capacity of 18 gallons per day. Model 2102 is a fan-powered flow-through humidifier with an output capacity of 19 gallons per day. Features of the series include a barbed drain fitting to prevent hose slippage; a frameless evaporator pad; a stainless steel orifice; and a patented wicking and water distribution system to accommodate nonlevel plenums.

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