Electro Static Technology: Shaft Grounding Brush By safely channeling harmful shaft current away from the motor bearings to ground, the AEGIS SGRâ„¢ Conductive MicroFiberâ„¢ shaft grounding brush prevents electrical bearing damage, and the noise motor failures it causes. The unit is available in standard sizes to fit AC motors ranging from 1 to 1,500 hp with shaft diameters from 0.311 to 6.02 inches (8 to 153 mm).

Electro Static Technology, 31 Winterbrook Rd., Mechanic Falls, ME 04256; 866-738-1857 or 207-998-3493; 207-998-5143 (fax); sales@est-aegis.com; www.est-aegis.com

Publication date: 12/19/2005