The HS Series butterfly valve and SY actuator shutoff now are weather resistant. The SY's NEMA 4, 4X rating means that extra steps are not needed to protect the actuator from wet environments; no weather shields or double stacking is necessary, the company states. A minutely smaller stainless steel disc fits easily into the valve liner; it requires less torque so a smaller actuator can be used, the company says. The manufacturer states that a phenolic stabilizing ring bonded to the back of the elastomer liner helps make sure the liner maintains its proper shape throughout the life of the valve. According to the company, other new standard features of the butterfly valve and actuator include an easy-to-read position indicator located on top of the actuator, a single-handed override system, and two auxiliary switches that make contact at 3 and 87 degrees of rotation so that additional equipment may be energized at these points in the valve's operation. An internal heater keeps condensation from forming beneath the actuator cover, thus protecting the electrical components from moisture and preventing failure, says the company.

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