Like many other manufacturers, Aprilaire is taking a proactive role in educating contractors about the benefits of installing a zoning system. “We are currently focusing our efforts on educating HVAC dealers on zoning products through the HVAC trade,” said Joe Hlavacek, Aprilaire zone control product manager. “We have found that the best marketing to the consumer is the HVAC contractor.”

One of those forms of education is through the company’s new contractor Web site at According to Aprilaire, the site helps contractors by providing product support through online access to design, application, and installation documents.

Aprilaire’s field sales force has also been active, holding educational meetings for contractors on applying and selling zone controls.

According to the manufacturer, Aprilaire products have been designed with ease of installation in mind. An advertising campaign is under way to show contractors that Aprilaire zoning can be designed and installed in three simple steps. These steps include selecting the HVAC equipment, the appropriate zones, and the controlled pressure relief method.

“Our primary educational focus is through wholesaler-sponsored dealer meetings held by our district sales managers,” said Hlavacek.

The training sessions typically last one to two hours, but the courses can be scheduled for half-day sessions. The course is tailored to account for the attendees’ zoning knowledge level.

“To support this, we also have design tools for sizing the ductwork and bypass depending upon the pressure method chosen,” Hlavacek explained. “Top it off with our new contractor Web site and readily available technical support from guys who have been in the trenches, and we have the education and support areas covered.”

Aprilaire also has several product choices to help contractors with zoning, including bypass components and control dampers.

“Aprilaire zone control equipment can be used with virtually any manufacturer’s forced-air systems in either the residential or light commercial markets,” said Hlavacek.

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Publication date: 05/26/2003