V-Modâ„¢ ultraviolet lamps are designed to eliminate harmful surface bacteria and mold from coils, filters, and other surface components, as well as airborne virus and bacteria from the general airstream in HVAC systems. The V-Mod lamp produces UVGI of 254 nm. According to the company, each tube produces the specified output at 500 fpm and air temperatures of 55 degrees to 135 degrees F. The sockets are constructed of UVC-resistant polycarbonate. The V-Modâ„¢ Ultraviolet Coil Irradiator now is available in 208-230 VAC, which satisfies the 220V/50Hz requirement that many countries have, states the company. It meets CE (European Conformity) standards.

UltraViolet Devices Inc., 26145 Technology Dr., Valencia, CA 91355; 877-787-3882; www.altruv.com.

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