Engineering Excellence employees can access work orders and quotes at any time.
CINCINNATI - One ofThe News'2003 "Best Contractor to Work For" winners, Engineering Excellence, was at a crossroads in early 2001.

The family-owned HVACR contractor and facilities management services company needed new software that would automate internal processes, allowing the company to offer better customer service. Engineering Excellence was using separate service and accounting applications, and the company sought an integrated system that would prove flexible enough to match the company's growth.

"We needed a technological edge to not only increase the company's profitability but also to add value and lower costs for our clients," said Tom Winstel, president of Engineering Excellence.

After reviewing multiple software packages, the Engineering Excellence team selected Data-Basics' SAM Pro Enterprise solution. A key feature was SAM Pro's Escalation Manager tool, which is designed to automate and control work order management by triggering a series of alarms and designating actions to be executed.

"We saw that Escalation Manager would allow us to eliminate manual processes and proactively manage our operations," said Winstel. "A plus was the ability to automatically keep our customers updated on the status of their work orders."

Having successfully implemented SAM Pro's core components, including the service, accounting, construction, inventory and job costing modules, Engineering Excellence decided to extend its capabilities to the Internet.

The company introduced Data-Basics' CRMAnywhere Web client interface tool, branded as Intellitrakâ„¢, in fall 2003. Engineering Excellence has developed a proprietary service management system and processes around Intellitrak.

"Having the Web access capability was part of our original goal to streamline our operations and allow our customers to make requests and update jobs seamlessly," said Rick Evans, executive vice president – national accounts for Engineering Excellence.

"Our clients like round-the-clock access to their work orders and quotes, and they appreciate having a higher level of communication and control."

After implementing SAM Pro Enterprise, Engineering Excellence was able to integrate service, sales, and distribution with its back office. Winstel noted that the company dramatically increased its efficiencies by automating routine activities such as generating and sending reports and tracking work orders.

With this new automation, Engineering Excellence expects to grow its business an additional 30 percent to 40 percent without having to appreciably increase its internal fixed costs.

"We're able to leverage our best resources - our employees - while utilizing technology to lower back-office costs and maintain our competitiveness in the marketplace," stated Winstel.

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Publication date: 05/31/2004