The drop-in service replacement Performer® scroll compressor is designed for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications. With four models available, the new universal replacement scroll compressor ranges in capacity from 9 to 15 tons and can be used to make tandems, trios, and quadros extending up to 60 tons, says the company. According to the manufacturer, the precisely controlled orbit ensures radial sealing without scroll flank contact. The path of the orbiting scroll is held constant with respect to the fixed scroll, and only a thin film of oil is required to maintain radial sealing. Also included is a user-friendly mounting template, which is included, designed to allow the universal replacement scroll to be mounted as a service replacement for any other brand of scroll compressor, says the company. The compressor is available with brazed connections. It comes with detailed technical instructions for replacement.

Danfoss Inc., Commercial Compressor Div., 7941 Corporate Dr., Baltimore, MD 21236-4925; 410-931-8250; 410-931-8256 (fax);

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