CHICAGO — The 2003 Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) had plenty to offer those looking for commercial cooling equipment.

ClimateMaster (Oklahoma City, Okla.) featured its new Genesis GLW360 large water-to-water heat pump. The hydronic heating and cooling unit is designed for easy, low-cost installation and service. Each unit can be field connected to meet large tonnage requirements. The company says its GLW360 can simultaneously produce hot and cold water by transferring heat from one process to the other, generating practically free hot or cold potable water for any application where cost-effective hot water generation is required.

The units feature two quiet scroll compressors and stainless steel brazed-plate heat exchangers. The piping system is fully insulated to prevent condensation, and the cabinet is fully insulated to reduce noise. According to the company, the units offer easy access to all critical components, and there are multiple control board options.

Skymark International (Ajax, Ontario) introduced its new VSHP Series of vertical water-source heat pumps in sizes ranging from 3/4 to 3 tons. The VSHP Series is a compact concealed system capable of providing total heating and cooling functions for a single zone or multiple rooms.

Denis Murphy, sales representative, Skymark, said the units offer the flexibility of a four-pipe fancoil system at the cost of a two-pipe system. “The VSHP Series is ideally suited for hotels and motels, high-rise apartments, hospitals and nursing homes, and dormitories,” said Murphy.

Skymark also introduced its HWP/VWP Series high-efficiency water-source heat pumps and water-cooled conditioners. These horizontal and vertical models are available in sizes ranging from 1/2 to 5 tons. HWP (horizontal) models are designed for suspended ceiling mounting, while the VWP (vertical) units are designed for freestanding floor mounting. All units are completely factory wired and prepiped. Water supply, water outlet, and condensate drain connections are via female pipe thread fittings.

Another product introduced by Skymark was its VP Series 3/4- to 2-ton packaged terminal air conditioners and packaged terminal heat pumps. The VP Series is a compact, through-the-wall packaged system. The company says that unlike conventional horizontal equipment, each VP unit has been designed with sufficient air-handling capacity for ducted installations.

Good Things Come In Smaller Packages

Friedrich Air Conditioning Co.(San Antonio, Texas) unveiled its latest Wall-Mount units. Don Nelson, manager, special markets division, Friedrich, said that Wall-Mount units are self-contained, outdoor heating and cooling systems that are ideal for use in telecommunications, manufactured/modular buildings, portable buildings, schools, commercial buildings, and renovation projects.

The units come standard with scroll compressors for quiet and efficient operation (1-1/2-ton models utilize a rotary compressor). TXVs provide greater efficiency than typical fixed orifice systems under varying load conditions, the company said. The units have inside filters for easy maintenance, as well as a coil freeze sensor for protection of the compressor during extreme operating conditions.

Bill Steel from Bard Manufacturing Company (Bryan, Ohio) discussed his company’s newly designed gas-electric Wall-Mount units. “These units combine a gas furnace with electric air conditioning. This new design gives higher heating capacity,” noted Steel.

These units feature easy access to electrical controls and the burner section and are available with a factory-installed hot gas-reheat dehumidification circuit. The units come standard with an 18-gauge stainless steel tubular heat exchanger, in-shot burners, a direct-spark ignition system with a Honeywell gas valve, and 2-inch pleated filters.

National Comfort Products (Bensalem, Pa.) introduced its new Comfort-Pack gas heating and electronic cooling system. The CPG Series is a totally self-contained heating and cooling unit with cooling capacities of 1-1/2, 2, and 2-1/2 tons. The unit has a high-efficiency compressor and features copper tube with enhanced aluminum fin coils. The unit has up to a 51,000 Btuh heating capacity output and an 80 percent AFUE industrial quality serpentine design heat exchanger.

Precision Cooling

For those applications requiring precise control of the cooling system,Liebert Corp.(Columbus, Ohio) introduced its XD family of cooling solutions. According to the company, the XD family is a comprehensive solution to the data center cooling challenge being created by the new generation of high-density computer and communications equipment.

Products include a rack-mounted airflow enhancer and water-free ceiling- and rack-mounted cooling systems that deliver high capacity supplemental cooling without consuming valuable data center floor space.

Canatal Systems (Mississauga, Ontario) introduced its M Series modular chilled water and direct expansion air conditioning systems. These units are designed to offer precise control of temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness, using the latest technologies. The company says the M Series offers high sensible heat ratios across the range, as well as excellent serviceability features. The units are designed for data centers, switch rooms, telecommunications, and similar applications.

In A Class By Itself

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries(Rancho Dominguez, Calif.) introduced several new products for commercial cooling. The Advanced GHP gas engine-driven multi-indoor unit is an advanced technology, natural gas-fueled heat pump. The company said this unit offers up to 75 percent savings compared to conventional equipment and is available in 11- and 15-ton modular outdoor units. Up to 20 units can be connected, and it is possible to have individual operation for each zone. The compact air handlers are less than 14 inches tall.

The company also exhibited its new Advanced KX inverter-driven multi-indoor-unit climate control system. This system features an inverter-driven scroll compressor with a minimum amount of cycling operation. Other features include a digitally controlled electronic expansion valve and constant airflow volume designed for the best temperature distribution.

Publication date: 02/17/2003