Refrigeration service technicians come across many different styles and types of components every day. They are required to install, troubleshoot, and replace these components in an efficient and professional manner each time.

It is extremely difficult for any technician to be proficient in all the different components he or she will encounter. However, a good technician will know where to go to get the information when it is needed.

One source is the product literature that comes with each component. Most manufacturers include some type of literature with their product. This information can be beneficial to the service technician, especially newer technicians just entering the industry.

A service technician should always read the information provided with a component and keep it on file for future use. Reading the product literature will help ensure that the component is being installed properly and that it is the right component for the job.

The literature will also serve as a resource in the future, when the service technician needs to return and service the system or component. It can save much time and frustration.

Keep It Handy

A great place to save all this literature is in some type of binder or folder. Literature on products that are serviced frequently by the technician should be kept in the service vehicle. Other product information that is not used so often can be kept back at the shop for reference.

It is a good practice for technicians to occasionally review the literature on products that are frequently installed and serviced.

Equipment and self-contained systems also come with informative product literature, including correct installation procedures and useful troubleshooting information, such as wiring diagrams, replacement parts lists, and sometimes troubleshooting charts.

The manufacturer’s warranty information will also be included, which will help answer warranty questions for the technician and customers. Leaving a copy with the equipment or system is a good idea. This will allow other technicians to review the material, if necessary.

If possible, an extra copy of the product literature should also be kept by the service technician and his company. This will ensure that the information can be found, even if the copy left at the system is lost.

Start collecting your product literature today. It can save you time and frustration on service calls in the future.

The author is owner of Coldtronics of Pittsburgh. He can be reached at 412-734-4433,, or

Publication date: 05/05/2003