Fieldpack HS33K14G contains the HS33 stick meter and a variety of snap-on accessory heads to measure air temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb, dewpoint, carbon monoxide, AC current, gas pressure, static pressure, and microamps for flame rectifier diode circuits. Also included is a small pipe clamp for taking suction line temperatures with a "wrap-tab" thermocouple, which makes it easy to store the thermocouple wire, and a pair of alligator clips for connecting test leads to test points, says the company. The HS33 stick meter is a digital multimeter and measures volts, ohms, temperature, and capacitance for motor start/run. The stick meter has noncontact voltage indicators, beeper and LED, to let the user know when AC voltage is near. The kit comes in a soft-sided pack no larger than a shaving kit, says the company.

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