NCI provides a variety of training in the areas of air diagnostics, HVAC system performance, air balancing, carbon monoxide detection, combustion analysis, mold liability prevention, and establishing proper indoor air quality.
Long before 13 SEER ever became an issue, a select group of HVAC contractors got together on a yearly basis to discuss accurate ways to measure and deliver true HVAC system performance. As the founder of this group, National Comfort Institute Inc. (NCI) dubbed these professionals "The National Comfort Team," and for the last three years they have been getting together to refine their techniques and skills and take the HVAC profession further in the area of true system efficiency.

"Leading The Indoor Comfort Revolution" is this year's conference theme, and it will go beyond technical instruction and focus more on the sales, marketing, and business management of Performance Based Contractingâ„¢, a concept NCI developed over eight years ago.

"With over 75 percent of HVAC systems running inefficiently, we have always recognized the hidden demand to understand more about total HVAC system efficiency," said Dominick Guarino, CEO of NCI.

"Now more than 2,000 HVAC contractors are using our air diagnostic approach, and we felt it was time to focus on helping them become more successful with sales, marketing, and business development ideas in addition to the newest technical trends in system diagnostics and repairs."

Some examples of what will be presented at this year's two-day event include "No Close Selling," a method of sales that teaches your customers about their HVAC systems; "Cooling System Efficiency Rating," an all-new way to evaluate true cooling system output; "Turning Service Techs Into Lead Machines," a story of one service-only contractor who increased his installation business significantly through leads gained by service techs; and "Marketing Like A Retailer," a process that will make contractors re-evaluate the way they advertise and sell.

In total there will be 12 workshops. "What is always exciting to us are the presentations that come from contractors," said Rob Falke, president of NCI.

"When a fellow contractor speaks to our members, using true stories and actual events, it makes much more of an impact, than when someone speaks only in theory."

The event includes an opening day panel discussion on 13 SEER, luncheon roundtables, and limited one-on-one sessions to meet with experts in sales, marketing, and technical areas.

The event begins Sept. 12 and will be held at the Nashville Convention Center, in Nashville, Tenn. While current National Comfort Team members receive special pricing, the event is open to all contractors.

For more information or to register, contact NCI at 800-633-7058.

Publication date: 07/04/2005