In early June, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed into law House Bill 329, requiring licensing of mold remediators and consultants in the state. Much of the language in the bill is drawn from the “Mold Remediation Practices Guide,” published in April 2002 by the International Association of Mold Remediation Specialists (IAMRS).

According to IAMRS, Texas has led the nation in the number of mold claims, mold lawsuits, and mold fraud cases — and now leads the nation as the first to legislate regulation of the mold industry.

“Texas learned the hard way that industry self-regulation is not effective,” said IAMRS president Bob Allen, who believes that other states will soon follow Texas’ lead. “Licensing will benefit consumers, building owners, workers, and even insurance companies by ensuring that health and safety protocols are met, and that professionals are trained to perform to a common standard.”

Allen was assigned to a Texas Department of Health task force advising legislators who wrote the bill, and testified in several committee hearings before the Texas House of Representatives.

Publication date: 09/15/2003