This CD contains the 2003 list price catalog, some product literature sheets, and the all-products bulletin for the FACET line of air filters. In the list price catalog are offered various types of filters, including basic efficiency disposable filters, grille filters, dual-stage fiberglass/synthetic filters, “hogshair” and service rolls, filter media, metal filter products, fiberglass and polyautomatic rolls, medium- and high-efficiency pleated filters, externally supported filters, extended-surface fiberglass bag filters, rigid cell filters, high-arrestance filters, water filters, electrostatic air filters, filter accessories, ring panels, link panels, and link packs.

Purolator Air Filtration, 880 Facet Rd., P.O. Box 1637, Henderson, NC 27536; 800-334-6659; 800-356-2397 (fax);;

eProduct #193