CHICAGO — The familiar Alco brand name will be replaced within the next 12 to 18 months. During the recent Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo), it was announced that the Alco name is being changed to Emerson Climate Technologies Flow Controls.

The company said this signals an increasing focus within Emerson to provide integrated technology solutions for its customers, and the growing importance of Alco’s product offering and expertise within this strategy.

Tom Bettcher, Emerson executive vice president and CEO of Copeland, said the change was made to “connect Alco [products] more closely with Emerson and its family.” He said Alco products will still be available through customary distribution channels.

“Customers want systems that are simple and efficient, said Bettcher. “Alco’s flow control technology plays a vital role in keeping equipment in peak condition, and can be paired with other Emerson products — like compressors, motors, and controls — to elevate the overall performance of the system.”

“We are excited about this new identity,” said Dave Kirk, vice president and general manager of Alco Controls. “It is consistent with the changes we have been making to take our product and service support to new levels.”

Bettcher did say another Emerson company, Copeland, would not be undergoing a name change because that brand is so widely known on a worldwide basis.

Another aspect of Emerson, CPC, is also expected to experience a name change, he said. Other companies, such as White-Rodgers, would be looked at on an individual basis in the future, he said.

Other News

  • Copeland’s Scroll UltraTech™ was introduced as the first modulated scroll compressor available for the U.S. residential market. This compressor is part of Emerson’s UltraTech Home Series.

    According to the company, the compressor “enables home air conditioning systems to operate more efficiently than any other single-compressor containing system. The technology also improves humidity control for residential air conditioning applications” because of a 67-percent part-load capacity stage. That means, said the company, the ability to “maintain precise temperature levels and lower relative humidity while saving homeowners up to 60 percent more on energy costs compared to 10-SEER systems.”

    Bettcher said the UltraTech Scroll “possesses all the attributes of Copeland’s scroll technology, “which means it operates with fewer moving parts and experiences no volumetric efficiency drop-off or compression leakage.”

  • The UltraTech™ Home Series was described as a collection of products for residential heating and cooling systems. The series features the technology designed to reduce energy consumption, improve comfort and raise system performance.

    Products in the series include Copeland Scroll UltraTech™; PerfectSpeed™ Motors; Comfort Alert™ Diagnostics; White-Rodgers® Intell-Ignition™ Nitride System; and White-Rodgers® Gemini™ two-stage gas valve.

  • “Contractor Connection” is an online interactive resource tool intended specifically for contractors. It gives access to the latest HVACR information, market updates, training opportunities, and Emerson Climate Technologies product information. It is located at

    Publication date: 03/03/2003