PEARL RIVER, N.Y. - Hudson Technologies Inc. announced that it has become an Energy Star® Service and Product Provider Partner. Hudson will now begin offering its Performance Optimization services, designed to improve the operating efficiency of refrigeration systems, under the Energy Star banner to industrial and commercial companies.

Kevin Zugibe, P.E., chief executive officer, commented, "As an Energy Star Service and Product Provider Partner, we will combine Hudson's unique offerings and experienced staff with the significant resources developed by the EPA for this program. Our goal will be to help industrial and commercial entities identify energy-efficient solutions that provide significant savings while protecting the environment."

According to the company, Hudson's Performance Optimization program is a unique system for improving the efficiency of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. The program, for which Hudson was awarded a patent in 2003, uses a computer model to determine component as well as overall chiller systems efficiency. Hudson then integrates the Performance Optimization program with its proprietary RefrigerantSide® Services to improve the operations of its customers' refrigeration systems.

"We believe the potential market for our Performance Optimization offering is huge," Zugibe stated. "DOE statistics show that the commercial and industrial sectors together consume more than 66 percent of total electricity usage and 56 percent of total energy usage in the U.S, with more than $19 billion spent annually just for cooling costs. Even a reduction of 1 percent of these sectors' energy usage for cooling would produce annual energy savings of more than $190 million. In our initial applications of this offering, the company has already identified over $1 million in potential energy savings. We believe Hudson's services can help achieve significant savings for our customers, thus helping achieve the Energy Star goal of energy conservation."

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Publication date: 03/07/2005