It's time again for the annual Cooling Showcase. For those who are unfamiliar with the Cooling Showcase, it has traditionally introduced the latest air conditioning units available for the upcoming summer season.

Like last year, this year's Cooling Showcase is split into two parts - commercial and residential. In this issue, we will focus on the commercial side of the air conditioning industry, and, in two weeks, our April 26 issue will highlight new offerings in the residential cooling market. Included in the coverage is feature-specific information about each individual product as submitted by the manufacturers.

The manufacturers provided all of the data included in the Cooling Showcase product chart supplied on our home page (click on Cooling Showcase, 2004 Commercial Cooling Products), as well as the data in the accompanying feature article in this issue "The Cold Facts On New Products For 2004." Therefore, any questions should be directed to the manufacturers via the contact information provided in the new products feature article.

Publication date: 04/12/2004