DENVER — RK Mechanical Inc. (RKM) has started a new residential HVAC and plumbing group, Performance Residential Services (PRS).

According to RKM management, the new group is focusing on add-on and replacement of heating and cooling systems, as well as plumbing services. RKM has been in business since 1963 and is considered one of the largest self-performing mechanical contractors in the Colorado area.

The move into the residential marketplace from the commercial marketplace was initiated by Nick LaFortuna, regional sales manager. LaFortuna’s experience in the field, both commercial and residential, “gave us the foundation to tackle this new market segment,” said Jon L. Kinning, vice president/division manager.

“Performance Residential Services has grown quite quickly,” said Kinning. “Having the infrastructure of a commercial service business in place has been a catalyst to hitting the road running. PRS plans on directly employing 15 people by the end of 2003 with revenues near $1,800,000. When looking at market penetration from other contractors, we noticed that there was not a company with more than 1 percent market share. At that point, we decided to enter the market with vigor.”

Kinning added that PRS aligned itself with American Standard for equipment and Wells Fargo and Citigroup for consumer financing. The business will be run out of RKM’s corporate headquarters under PRS leadership. It expects to get into custom homes and extensive remodels, too.

“The synergies between our commercial service group, Performance Building Services, and Performance Residential Services allow us to share overhead resources while committing ourselves to a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on every project,” said Kinning.

The company said it expects to launch its Web site,, by mid-July.

Performance Residential Services is located at 9300 East Smith Road, Denver, CO 80207-1757; 303-785-6800; 303-785-6801 (fax).

Publication date: 05/26/2003