ARLINGTON, Va. — The availability of information about relevant events “as they occur” could provide benefits in the operation and maintenance of commercial buildings, according to the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Institute’s 21st Century Research (ARTI 21-CR) program.

The group recently released a report called “Integration of Real-Time Data into Building Automation Systems,” which suggests that these applications might contribute to cost control, maintaining indoor comfort, or the possibility of ensuring more reliable and safe operation.

The ARTI 21-CR report evaluates the real-time Web-based data currently available on the Internet and assesses its potential for integration into building automation systems.

The report also looks at current building automation system technology and trends to identify current and future needs.

Various strategies were considered relative to cost and savings, data reliability, feasibility of the applicability of the technologies, and validity of the proposed approach. According to the group, the viable real-time data control strategies that appear most beneficial include advanced set-point temperature control based on forecast conditions that are external and internal to the building, moisture management based on predicted dew point and rate precipitation, occupant interface for improved comfort services, alarm notification to remote technicians for systems maintenance, and operating savings based on utility pricing schemes for electric purchase or demand rate.

The final report can be downloaded at

Publication date: 06/09/2003