The controller is used to monitor the temperature of wine.
Of course, the creation of wine comes from crushing grapes. But winemaking is a highly complex process involving the careful selection of grapes, aging the liquid in barrels, and close monitoring of the maturing wine — and that’s just part of the process.

Wine cellars need to have a limited ambient temperature range and precise humidity control. But of most interest to HVAC contractors are the wine coolers used by some wine connoisseurs and most restaurants.

Monitoring and adjusting the air temperature of wine coolers is not sufficient, according to officials at Selco Products Co. of Orange, CA. Rather, they say, the actual temperature of the wine itself needs to be precisely controlled. To accomplish this, a liquid temperature controller is required. Selco produces a specially designed controller for this purpose.

The controller has an electronic probe with a microprocessor incorporated inside a cork, which is inserted into a “test” wine bottle in the cooler. The probe senses the temperature of the wine and the controller adjusts the air temperature accordingly to maintain the selected pre-set temperature. By measuring the temperature in the bottle, wine is maintained at a precise temperature.

For more information, contact Selco at 800-257-3526; (website).

Publication date: 11/04/2002