WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN — Contractors 2000 has introduced a new program called Money Masters™, which is designed to help independent electrical contractors grow their business. It is a two-day seminar about improving business operations. Money Masters will debut on Sept. 27 - 28 at the Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort in Stone Mountain, GA.

According to Contractors 2000, the program will show the merits of working on your business instead of in it. Money Masters will also give tips on how to “escape the business operations routine and spend time on strategic business planning.”

Other topics to be covered in the seminar include how to formulate a break-even analysis, why some customers favor flat-rate pricing, and how flat rate can produce more profit. Instructors will also discuss how to balance the three areas of a contractor’s business: finance and administration, marketing and advertising, and sales and service operations.

Contractors 2000 says that the seminar was developed to provide tips on how to get started in redirecting a company to the owner’s expectations.

For more information on the program, call 888-609-5490.

Publication date: 09/09/2002